We host regular workshops throughout the year by resident and visiting teachers.  All are highly regarded in their fields.  Our aim is to present a diverse range of disciplines all of which present methods of holistic wellbeing through movement and other modalities.


Dance Your Heart, Movement Medicine with Carolyn Wood – 24th Aug, 21st Sep, 26th Oct, 23rd Nov, 14th Dec ’19

Yoga Workshop with Gary Carter – 30th Nov & 1st Dec ’19

Coping With Triggers For Holiday Overeating: The Mindful Way To A Guilt-free Holiday with Joanne Moller – 3rd Dec 19

Breathe Life with Morag Wylie – 8th Dec ’19

Yoga Solutions 4: Letting go ~ the Natural Rhythms Of Release with Marc Acquaviva – 14th Dec ’19

The Fundamental Principles of Yoga Practice with Peter Blackaby and Marc J Acquaviva – 4th & 5th Jan ’20

A Practical Understanding Of Skeletal Variation & Its Impact On Range Of Movement with Jill Paget – 10th May ’20

One Day Pop Up Yoga Festival – 30th May ’20

Yoga For Sleep Recovery with Lisa Sanfilippo – 6th & 7th Jun ’20

Divine Life, Divine Breath – The Art Of Conscious Connected Breathing with John Paul Mason – 12th Sep ’20