We hold and host  regular workshops throughout the year by resident and visiting teachers.  All are highly regarded in their fields.  Our aim is to present a diverse range of disciplines all of which present methods of holistic wellbeing through movement and other disciplines.


Yoga for Pelvic Health CPD Workshop with Abigail Acquaviva 24th May ’19

Finding Balance: Psychodrama Workshop with Leila Frondigoun – 25 May ’19

Early Summer Sesonal Yoga Workshop with Morag Findlay – 25 May ’19

Going Deeper – Half Day Transformational Breath® Workshop with Morag Wylie – 2nd Jun ’19

Yoga for Mindful Parenting with Deyna Hirst – 2nd Jun ’19

The Art of Deep Self Care with Sian Lalita’ Alcock – 7th Jun ’19

Sleep Recovery Workshop with Lisa Sanfilippo – 9th Jun ’19

Summer Seasonal Yoga Workshop: Heart & Soul with Morag Findlay – 23 Jun ’19

A Taste of Ayurveda: Diet & Practice with Deyna Hirst – 6th July ’19

Meditation, Mantra & Mudra For Health & Wellbeing with Deyna Hirst – 7th July ’19

The Healing Power Of Asana, Breath & Relaxation For Mind & Body with Deyna Hirst – 4th August ’19

Pancha Kosha Yoga: Exploring Our Five Bodies Though Asana, Breath & Mantra with Deyna Hirst – 28th & 29th Sep ’19