Wylie image 19-12-08As we go through life, we start to accumulate hurts and emotions that drag us down, negative programming (“you’re too fat, thin, you can’t sing, you’ll never be good enough”), traumas and unexpressed emotions.  We lose sight of the shining diamond inside that is our true nature, and our breath gradually shuts down until we are only using a fraction of our respiratory capacity.

Transformational Breath® is a breathing technique which allows us to reverse this process, gradually and gently opening up the restrictions in our respiratory system.  When we breathe more fully and freely, we make room for all the good things in life – more joy, more energy, better health.  We literally BREATHE JOY!

In this workshop, you will:
► learn how Transformational Breath® works
► witness a demonstration of a breath health check (or breath analysis) from a volunteer
► use this conscious connected breathing technique to go on a breath journey for one hour
► finally have a chance to share your experience if you would like to


Venue:  In The Moment, 72 Berkeley St, Glasgow G3 7DS.  map

Dates:  26th January, 1st March, 15th March, 12th April ’20.

Times:  09.30 am – 12.30 pm.

Cost:  £40, earlybird price (£35) available, contact Morag for dates.  Advance booking recommended.

For more information please contact Contact Morag:-

+447756 490562                E-mail               Website               Facebook             Booking