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Daniela Lanaia

A live online group shamanic sound healing journey.

A space of sacred sound, love, giggles, healing & support during these times, where we may come together, transform & clear heavy energies, sing and attune to the heart.  This is a live sound healing session & transmission with guided meditation & energy work, light language, crystal singing bowls, songs of the heart and sound healing frequencies.

Working with the energies of the earth, stars and moon, each session is a beautiful journey to help release, clear and transmute heavy energies; open the heart & re-attune.

Each guided journey & sound healing transmission is unique, woven with the energy of the group.  With voice, light language, crystal singing bowls, heart songs, soundscapes and energy work, we create a heart-warming healing space.

We are energetic beings, and everything in the universe is alive and vibrating with its unique frequency and sound.  Sound touches our emotions, our minds, our physical bodies and our hearts.  Sound is vibration and we hear and absorb sound not only through our ears, but also through our bones, our skin, and every cell.  Certain frequencies and sounds help us to relax, calm the the mind and release tensions we are holding.  Through relaxation and resonance we are able to open into the space of the heart, the sanctuary of our soul.

These sessions are deeply relaxing and calming for the nervous system, body, mind, heart ~ re-attuning your energy through harmonic resonance.

The circle will be held live (and privately) on the Zoom platform, offered by donation – please give what you are able to.  All are welcome.


Daniela Lanaia

Daniela is a sound healer, yoga teacher & practitioner who offers a unique & sensitive approach, that focuses on restoring harmony and balance within, and with Mother Earth. Spending much of her adult life in wild landscapes, sacred sites and with Nature, Daniela has also travelled and learned from indigenous cultures and healers of the America’s and British Isles, learning and reawakening to ways of ancient wisdom and sacred relationship with the Earth. Daniela now resides in the Highlands of Scotland. She offers distance sessions and sound healing, retreats and workshops.


Dates:  26 May ’20.
Times:  8.00 pm – 9.15 pm.
Cost:  By donation.
For more information please contact Contact Daniela:-
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