The Eight Limbs of Patanjali




Ellen Lee:  Chair of IYN

Leon Deith:  Kriya Key Class and Samadhi  Working towards Samadhi using the Kriya key Class, including Energising Exercises and Hong Sau Meditation with an overview of what Kriya is, and how it works to free the mind from our binding Vasanas.

Deyna Hirst:  Transformational Yoga  ‘Transformational Yoga’ that encourages Pratyahara, Dharana and Dhyana, using Pranayama and Mantra to meditate on the Koshas and Chakras.

Sophie Bickerdike:  Kundalini Yoga  Kundalini Yoga, looking at Sat Nam and Satya.

Debbie Farrar:  Feel Now Yoga  An invitation to refine our felt sense so that we can feel what is actually happening right now, uncovering the inherent intelligence and integrity of body, breath and mind, unencumbered by fantasy and unobscured by mystique.

Granville Cousins: Dharana and Dhyana  Practice and discussion around dharana and dhyana.

Paul Collins:  Dance Meditation  Dance Meditation, a dynamic moving meditation that takes you on a journey through a wave of sounds with an eclectic mix of music.

Mangalo:  Body and Breath as a Bridge to Samadhi  Pratyahara and Dharana leading in to absorption: an asana class focusing on body and breath as a bridge to Samadhi.


IYN Logo 1The Independent Yoga Network is an organisation for Yoga Teachers and Teacher Training Schools.  As well as offering support to its members, it represents them in any forum that is likely to impact on the future of Yoga, and always with a view to keeping Yoga free and independent.


Venue:  In The Moment, 72 Berkeley St, Glasgow G3 7DS.

Dates:  19th May ’18.

Times:  9.45am – 5.00pm.  Plus evening entertainment – to be confirmed.

Cost:  IYN Members £35, non-members £45.

For more information please contact Contact Joy Charnley:-

+44141 636 0790               E-mail               Website               Facebook             Booking