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Marc Acquaviva Woolford

At the Glasgow OM Yoga Show, Marc J Acquaviva (aka Marc Woolford – Scaravelli inspired) successfully provided hands-on solutions with back-to-back free 10 minute ‘joint clinic’ 121s, for a wide range of yoga teachers and practitioners with various joint problems.

Subsequently, he has decided to offer a regular monthly Friday workshop in Glasgow for Teachers and Body workers that would like to gain this skill for themselves or for their students.

The series will be 9 workshops (the Fridays before the AcquaViva weekend Teacher Development courses in Stirling), starting in September, and designed to cover how to restore natural function in each of the major joints and articulations of the body.  For the last decade and a half, Marc has been helping restore natural function for people with all manner of joint issues – knee problems, hip and sacroiliac issues, fibrosis and arthritic conditions – with phenomenal success.

AcquaViva LogoHis methodology involves understanding joints as ‘relationships’ and becoming familiar with how each joint ‘likes’ to move and release (in-depth joint mechanics).  The solutions lie in reawakening natural/confluent patterns of movement and support in a way that simply removes the conflict that is causing the currently experienced dysfunction.  In the approach, there is usually immediate improvement, which inevitably increases with accuracy, and in the moment of ‘getting it just right’, function can be instantly restored (which can be offered with accurate hands-on guidance).  Numbers will be limited to ensure that each attendee gains the experience and understanding they need.

Fridays 6th Sep, 11th Nov, 9th Dec, 13th Jan, 10th Mar, 7th Apr, 12th May, 16th Jun & 7th Jul

In The Moment, 72 Berkeley St, Glasgow G3 7DS  10.30 – 16.30

Cost: The 9 workshop series can be booked for £445, or you can book individual workshops for £55 (space permitting).

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For more information please contact AcquaViva:-

+447866 512885