Ratnadevi image 19-11-09For Mindfulness Teachers, Supervisors and others who help people grow.

An in-depth course for mindfulness teachers, supervisors and others who want to offer their clients effective tools for personal transformation.  It takes your work to the next level, by adding potent, tried and tested coaching skills to the repertoire of guiding interventions.  The course will also help you personally to get unstuck in areas such as lack of confidence and self-criticism and enhance your ability to be compassionately present in challenging situations.

‘Is mindfulness training not enough?’ you may ask.  Mindfulness enables us to recognise and accept our painful emotions and patterns of unhelpful thinking.  With regular practices, over time the brain re-structures itself and some progress towards more resilience and calm can be enjoyed.  The threat and drive modes of functioning are kept in check by knowing how to activate the soothing system of emotion–regulation.  But many of us find that even after years of regular practice certain patterns of negative inner dialogue, painful emotions and unhelpful behaviour persist.  We may still drive ourselves harshly or compensate for a lack of fulfilment with addictive behaviour, for example.  It may not be a simple question of meditating more diligently or going on retreat more often.  We can extend the mindfulness quality of curiosity to the content of our thoughts and learn to interact with parts of ourselves directly in playful, respectful and compassionate ways.

Our distressed inner voices want to be heard.  It can be immensely freeing to recognise that at the heart of even the most destructive voice lies a positive intent and the seed for a new way of being in the world.  As mindfulness teachers we are spiritual midwives helping new potential to be born and express itself in the world.  You will learn some creative, effective and fun mindful coaching exercises and practices to enrich your teaching toolkit.  You will become more versatile, confident and effective in your enquiry skills and enjoy witnessing the insights and transformations happening in your clients and students.
Some of the general skills covered are:

Asking empowering questions; Acknowledging the essence; Challenging; Calling out the power; Holding the client’s agenda; Interrupting; Intuiting; Making metaphors; Moving into action; Naming what’s present; Visioning; Finding power in the shadow; Developing your teacher’s stand; Committing to action and training steps; Establishing accountability.

The pathways towards personal integration we will explore in depth are:

  • Exploring needs and values.  Awareness skills open our eyes to the gift that difficult feelings and conflicts offer us.  They point us to our core values and needs and give access to their life force.  (Based on the teachings of Marshall Rosenberg on NVC (nonviolent or compassionate communication)).
  • Experiencing the moment.  Rather than ‘talking about it’ we invite the client to connect with their physical experience in the body.  We learn to discern when this is useful and different ways to access the more visceral aspect of experience.  We come to trust the body’s wisdom.
  • Changing view points.  Being able to recognise our old stories as just one of many possible ways of seeing a situation can be immensely liberating.  Using the imagination, we can experiment with and choose a different, more empowering view point.
  • Embracing all parts of ourselves.  Drawing on IFS (Internal Family Systems), we get to know the the hidden or disliked part of ourselves and dialogue with them, discovering their positive intent.  This leads to acceptance and deeper levels of peace and integration.
  • Moving into action.  We learn some tools for identifying and supporting practical change.

Course Structure:

This is a stand-alone weekend, but it can also be combined with two further non-residential weekends in Glasgow and Edinburgh.  Each weekend will include practice opportunities in dyads and small groups.

The Teacher:

Ratnadevi (Luise Holtbernd PhD) is one of the most experienced mindfulness teachers, supervisors and trainers in Scotland.  She brings to the work over three decades of committed mindfulness practice and study with a range of renowned Buddhist and secular teachers.  She has mentored and coached hundreds of students, 1-2-1, on courses and on retreats.  She holds a qualification in coaching for transformation an intensive year-long certification programme.  She has been training in NVC for two decades.  Her enquiring spirit led her to the completion of an arts-based Phd.  She feels a commitment to her clients, bringing out their full potential as human beings and agents for a better world.


I have found my regular mindfulness supervision work with Ratnadevi to be enlivening, insightful and supportive.  Each session is a bit like an adventure in that I rarely know where we’ll end up as we embark on an exploration together fuelled by our mutual interest and creativity.  Ratnadevi deftly facilitates my self reflection and helps me to encounter more of what is possible for me as a mindfulness teacher, meditator and traveller through life.  At some point in our sessions we always hit upon something that will stay with me as a new tool or area for growth.  I would recommend Ratnadevi to anyone searching for a compassionate, enthusiastic and deeply curious coach/supervisor.  ~  Fay Adams, mindfulness trainer with the Mindfulness Association


Venue:  In The Moment, 72 Berkeley St, Glasgow G3 7DS.  map

Dates:  9th & 10th November ’19 (can be combined with further weekends on 18th & 19th January & 29th February & 1st March ’20).

Times:  1.30 pm – 8.30 pm, 9th November & 10.00 am – 5.00 pm, 10th November.

Cost:  £160 per weekend (early bird rate £140, by 31 Aug 2019).  Advance booking recommended.

For more information please contact Contact Ratnadevi:-

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