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The Independent Yoga Network (IYN) is holding this Zoom meeting for it’s members with the purpose of discussing how yoga teachers, schools, studios and other venues move forward out of lock-down with their classes, workshops, courses and trainings.

While The IYN does not have “all the answers” to the many questions arising out of this extraordinary situation, they do wish to offer a space to share what is known, understood, and felt.  This is an opportunity for connection and communication which has always been at the heart of The IYN.  If they can offer any advice or information to yoga teachers, studio owners or teacher trainers then they are happy to provide such a space for this to happen.

They will try to share what is known from Wales, England, Scotland and N. Ireland; obviously reflecting current Government guidelines from each of the UK constituent nations.  They hope to have information concerning the Irish Republic too.

The IYN are by no means suggesting they have any legal authority here, but they do realise that many of you have concerns and are looking for guidance.  You may well know something that others don’t and your voices are therefore important at this time.


It is hoped to have short presentations [5 minutes] from Ellen Lee, Pete Yates, Graeme Murray and Joy Charnley followed by Q & A and general discussion.

After you’ve booked your place you will be sent instructions for downloading Zoom [if you need to] and logging in.


The IYN is a network of independent Yoga teachers and Teacher Training Schools dedicated to the preservation of the spirit and practice of Yoga as a deep and genuine inner enquiry with many formal possibilities.  Even though we originally came together to resist the many forces threatening to undermine the spirit and diversity of Yoga, we have grown into a multifaceted resource for the Yoga community at large.

Our roots are steeped in the compassion that arises from our dedication to Svadhaya, Ahimsa and Satya.  Being alive, responsive and growing, we cannot be described or defined by words.  Yet through our many activities we function at times as if any and all of the following: a body of friends; a professional association; a political lobby; a network of schools; a Yoga teacher’s resource; a friend of authenticity and Yoga, BUT NOT a regulatory body.

We are actively committed to preserve and enhance the conditions for Yoga to continue to enrich human experience, understanding and culture, as it has been doing for thousands of years.  These conditions are various but underpinning them all is that individuals can practise and share their Yoga in freedom.  We are dedicated to resisting the dilution of the rich and diverse heritage of Yoga through any standardisation of method or dogmatic institutionalisation of particular ideologies or philosophies.  Our commitment to create, maintain, and enhance the conditions for Yoga to flourish are central to all of our activities.


Venue:  In The Moment Online.

Dates:  27th June ’20.

Times:  10.00 am – 12.00 noon.

Cost:  Free.  IYN members only.

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