NSP Workshops at In-The-Moment Studio 2017/18

Contact and booking: admin@psychodramansp.co.uk


Transforming Tales  14 – 15 October 2017

Being human inevitably means times of having some too difficult, too intense feelings.  Sometimes it feels impossible to explore them close up. We need some distance. Since time began we have used stories as a way of understanding our world –  as a way of testing out possibilities for ourselves and our relationships with others.  We can be imaginative and creative with stories in a way that would not feel responsible in the real world.

We find ourselves touched in many ways by myth, magic and metaphor.  They make audible that which might otherwise be too terrible, implausible  or unutterable.

This workshop will be of interest  to individuals who want to get in touch with their creativity and sponteneity as a means of reinvigorating their lives.  Psychodrama is active, energising, healing and often fun.

This workshop is facilitated by Emma Hagen and consists of 15 hours training.


Children and Young People  10 – 11 March 2018

“Of the elements featuring in child-centred therapy, perhaps the most significant is the practitioner’s way of being” (Smyth, 2013, 19)

Drawing on humanistic theories of child development, we will explore the innate potentiality of children and young people, and discover how the psychodrama method offers a unique way of working that balances ‘being’ and ‘doing’, to support the young person’s emerging creativity and spontaneity.  Inspired and informed by observing children at play, psychodrama’s action techniques directly compare with methods used by parents/carers to help children develop. Psychodrama also offers a containing and safe structure, within which CYP can explore their experiences through their natural language of play.  This training will be beneficial for any practitioner working with CYP, and will provide the opportunity to try out new and effective ways of working.

This workshop is facilitated by Emma Hagen and consists of 15 hours training.


Embracing Life  Facing Death  7 – 8 April 2018

“…confronting death allows us, not to open some noisome, Pandora’s box, but to re-enter life in a richer, more compassionate manner.” I D Yalom.

We live in times of denial.  There are no accidents – only people to be blamed.  If you eat lots of broccoli, meditate, run every day, drink water… you can live forever.  Or, cryogenically freeze your remains until later!  There are so many ways to avoid the reality of the fact that we never know how long we have to live.

As laughing and chocolate are good for the immune system, we hope to provide both.  We aim that this workshop help us be more joyful and present in the time we have.

This workshop is facilitated by Sandra Grieve and Lynette Green – and consists of 15 hours training.


Unfinished Business  23 – 24 June 2018

The legacy of unfinished business, as a result of overwhelming or traumatic life experiences, can impact upon ourselves, our relationships and, if left unresolved, on future generations to come.

Psychodrama offers a range of fun, active, energising and creative opportunities, which can support individuals and groups to process the memories and emotions associated with, and find the healing and closure necessary to let go of the pain of, unfinished business.

This includes: having conversations which are, or can feel impossible to have in real life; playing out scenes from life which we would like to have done differently, returning to scenes from our past which were difficult, in order to make some sense of them, or which were treasured, in order to experience them all over again; exploring the existing roles we play in life and trying out new roles we would like to play, and exploring scenes in our future and from our imagination, to experience and practise life as we want it to be.

 This workshop is facilitated by Sandra Grieve and consists of 15 hours training.


Glasgow: In The Moment Centre, 72 Berkeley St. G3 7DS

For further information and booking visit:

www.psychodramansp.co.uk  or email admin@psychodramansp.co.uk

Cost For Each Workshop - £169 or £149 early bird discount if paid 3 months in advance.  There is a non- refundable deposit of £50 applicable.  Some bursaries are available.

* Northern School runs training course programmes of one and two years leading to Certificate and Higher Certificate level.  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. *