Mandala image 20-06A body based online workshop to support people coming across trauma & distress through their work.  Ancient wisdom meets modern neuroscience.

When working with people affected by poor mental health, systemic disadvantage, physical and psychological traumas and ill health we can feel the affects on ourselves.  Some of the consequences may include physical difficulties such as poor sleep, change in appetite, headaches, upset tummy, tight muscles, lack of energy or simply not feeling like your usual self.  In this workshop, which follows on from the ‘ resourcing the body’ series last year, we will explore a range of strategies to help manage the impact of coming across trauma and stress on our bodies.

We will look at traditional ideas and bring in up to date neuroscience research to explain why some of the exercises may be helpful and how modern studies are pointing us in the direction of traditional practices.  We will draw on ideas from trauma sensitive yoga, Somatic Experiencing ™, EMDR, mindfulness, Jin shin Jyutsu, polyvagal theory, self massage and compassion based approaches.

This a workshop for people who are coming across stress and trauma in their work with others.  You might be a nurse, emergency services worker, complimentary therapist, health professional, counsellor, social worker, support worker, administrator, advocacy worker, housing worker, lawyer or in another related paid or unpaid role.

Learning Objectives.

– Describe how working with stress and trauma may impact on physical health
– Try out a range of strategies to help regulate your body
– Learn why such strategies can be supportive
– Explore how you might integrate such practices into your daily life

The aim of this session is two-fold – come and try out some ways to de-stress after a week at work, and at the same time learn they why’s and how’s of what we are doing, so you can choose what you may wish to take away and practice on your own.

This is a practical workshop – please wear comfy clothes that you are able to move in and make sure you have enough space to lie down.  You could use a yoga mat or a large towel to lie on.  You may also wish to have a blanket, cushions and a notepad handy.  We will be doing body based exercises which involve moving around.  We will also have time to hear about the neuroscience and underpinning ideas behind each of the practices and to talk and explore how you might apply the things you have learnt in your day to day work and life.  You do not have to be flexible, own lycra, or be able to touch your toes!  This workshop is suitable for ages 18-80+ with a wide range of physical ability.  Most exercises can be adapted to accommodate differing physical capacity.  If in doubt, please feel to get in touch.  This workshop is suitable for people who are new to this kind of approach as well as people who have been to previous or similar sessions.

Please note, this session does not aim to qualify participants to offer bodywork to clients.  This will be a small group, with a maximum of ten participants.  A certificate of attendance will be provided.

Your facilitator.

Elise is a counsellor, supervisor, trainer, massage therapist, yoga teacher, EMDR practitioner and a Somatic Experiencing trainee. Elise has worked with people affected by trauma, whether directly or as workers, for over 17 years. Elise has a personal practice of body work based in yoga, meditation and somatic practices and finds that this has been more and more helpful to her over the years.
Elise is a co-founder and director of Mandala Consultants.


Venue:  In The Moment Online.

Dates:  5th June ’20.

Times:  2.00 pm – 4.00 pm.

Cost:  £25 – £35.

For more information please contact Contact Elise:-

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