Alcock image 20-04Coming home to yourself with mindful compassion.

Do you need some time, energy and space – to relax, reflect, rejuvenate, and nurture?

Welcome to this two hour workshop which aim to support you in exploring, creating and sustaining true well-being in your life.

In these deeply nurturing sessions we explore and experience what it means to lovingly care for ourselves on all levels of being.  Blending a variety of yoga practices including deeply relaxing yoga nidra, gentle asana, self-massage, healing, chanting, and meditation, the session aims to support you in coming home to yourself with mindful compassion.

The Art of Deep Self Care was initially inspired by the work of Cheryl Richardson and in time has evolved organically, weaving in inspired insights, seasonal consciousness and yoga practices to support the exploration of various themes that may support us in experiencing more lasting well being.  A whole course is made up of 12 stand alone sessions, but participants can come as and when they feel the need and while themed, no one workshop is ever the same.

In our exploration we are gently guided into recognising patterns where we may sabotage ourselves and are supported in listening and responding to our body’s wisdom as we articulate and honour our needs on all levels.  Over time we can develop tools and resources that support us in responding to our own deep self-care, creating more balance in our daily rhythms and being more kindly and compassionate towards ourselves and others.

Workshop participants may come away feeling more rested, relaxed and peaceful and perhaps with greater clarity on small changes that can support a greater sense of well being.  For some, simply having a break from the usual pressures in life can be very welcome.  It may be enough to simply come and be nurtured for a while and take a little holiday for one self.  Each participant will come with their own needs and requests and these workshops aim at supporting what is most called for in a kindly and nurturing way.


Venue:  In The Moment Online.

Dates:  Monthly on Saturdays, 23rd January, 20th February, 13th March, 17th April, 15th May ’21.

Times:  3.00 pm – 5.00 pm.

Cost:  £20.

For more information please contact Contact Sian:-

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