worksh1Acquaviva – a revolution in practice building upon the transformational yoga of Vanda Scaravelli

Yoga Solutions 2019 with Marc J Acquaviva

A series of one-day full-immersion, solutions-based workshops to inspire you and propel your practice to the next level.

Yoga Solutions 2 – Meeting the space you occupy!
The second of a series of opportunities for Yoga practitioners and Teachers to gain deeper insights into any aspect of Yoga practice, as well as direct solutions to anything you you want to bring to the table.

Over the last twenty years Marc J Acquaviva has been developing his unique approach to the practice of yoga that offers a brand new perspective on body-work.  He uses it to help himself and countless others step directly out of complication, into more graceful, harmonious and powerful relationships to movement and support.  The work is both paradigm-shifting, and common-sense.

The solutions offer new ways of relating to action, that bear none of the ‘normal’ symptoms of restriction and strain, and this will be the second open Saturday workshop of the series in Glasgow, giving you a chance to experience how this second aspect works directly for yourself.


It can be some repeating joint issue, a general area of the body, a particular posture, a particular pranayama or any yoga practice (including philosophy) – on this workshop you are invited to bring ANY line of enquiry with you, and Marc will guide you (and the rest of the group) through a process that will help you arrive in a radical new experience of whatever you are interested in… an eye-opening experience that can bring sudden clarity to the whole of yoga practice.

These workshops offer a perfect opportunity to find a direct solution for yourself, launch a fresh perspective on practice, and also makes for an ideal CPD (like no other) for body-workers and teachers of all levels.

“When you come across a repetitive issue that restricts things in your movement, something you have been living with/working with/trying to solve for as long as you can remember, you have found gold!  The actual solution will be radical because it will involve a total redefinition of relationship to your body and the world around you.  It will offer a brand new liberating sense of your body map, as well as a window into new and empowering ways of seeing things.  Knowing this is what happens when you find a solution, gives you a hint about to how to go about finding it…” ~ Marc J Acquaviva

Book early to avoid disappointment.


Venue:  In The Moment, 72 Berkeley St, Glasgow G3 7DS.  map

Dates:  19th October ’19.

Times:  10.30 am – 4.30 pm.

Cost:  £55, or £200 for all four workshops in the series if booked by 10th September.  Advance booking recommended.

For more information please contact Contact Marc:-

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