In the Moment Studios (no longer open)

Opened in January 2012 , In The Moment was an attractive, accessible and environmentally conscious studio space for Movement & Wellbeing activities: Yoga, Tai Chi, Dance, Pilates, Body Work, and Complementary Therapies.  We were based near Charing Cross in Glasgow – within easy reach of the city centre and the popular West End of the city.

Our Vision

In the Moment was the product of a creative journey and vision, still being realised in other ways.  Jude & Graeme Murray – yoga teachers, owners and managers said “We never intended to open yoga studios, but believe that we are often led to where we need to be.  This beautiful space presented itself, and inspiration took over.”

Our space was clean and beautiful but basic, down to earth and authentic.  A real place for real people, and we wanted people to feel happy and comfortable coming there.  We were not exclusive, nor a spa, a gym, fitness or commercial dance studio.  We didn’t like practising in gyms, or in cold draughty halls, or in packed-out sweaty studios, so we wanted to create a space in which people felt comfortable to explore the healing benefits of movement and feel at home.  We wanted people to feel safe there, and so we only worked with other teachers, therapists etc who shared our vision.  We trusted that through word of mouth, the right people would find us, and that seemed to be the case.  Our commitment was to work only with teachers who share our vision and we now had some of the most experienced people in their field offering classes and workshops regularly in our studios.

Our commitments

To Integrity – We work with the principle always in mind.  We work with honesty, authenticity and open engagement and we only work with teachers and practitioners who share this vision.

To Wellness – In body, mind and spirit.  Encouraging wholeness, balance and expression.  Acknowledging that wellness is not simply defined by medical definitions of health.

To the Earth – Honouring and respecting the Earth in all that we do – extending to environmental principles of reduce, reuse and recycle.  Honouring the natural cycles of nature.

To the Individual – Respecting the needs and abilities of each individual.  Honouring each person’s unique humanity and understanding that we are all connected.

To Equality – We commit to equality, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, colour, race, religion, and disability, physical or mental health.

To Spiritual freedom – To give space to explore spiritual wellness in a way which engages with and honours all spiritual and religious traditions.

To Peace – All of our activities honour the principle of Ahimsa (non harming).  We are committed to non-aggressive styles of business, communications and working and to finding constructive ways to manage anger and conflict.  Wider than this, we believe that Yoga and movement are transformational routes to inner and outer peace.

The Studios

There are three studios – a top floor studio- approx 70 sq m; a second space on the first floor, about the same size; and a smaller top floor room approx 35 sq m.  Our building is situated close to the Mitchell Library on Berkeley Street.  It has security door entry, disabled access and a lift.  Our main studio has high–impact cushioned flooring which makes it easy on the ankles!  Bright, airy and with large south facing windows, making the most of natural daylight.  It also has the most amazing acoustics (sound practitioners take note!).  Our second studio is just as lovely with enormous south facing windows, but has a carpet.  The third room is carpeted and bright and is used for 1:1 work, hands-on therapies and small group work.

The studios are on a number of main bus routes and are a five minute walk from Charing Cross Station.  There is on street parking immediately outside and on the streets nearby, which is metered during the day and free after 6 pm and at weekends.  (There is disabled car parking available to the rear of the building where the disabled access is.)  Secure paid car parking is also available nearby.  There are a number of shops, cafes and sandwich bars within the immediate area.

Map and Directions