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Graeme Murray

Graeme Murray

Having had a long-standing, but unfulfilled, inquisitiveness about yoga, I was finally able to find time in my life to begin my hatha yoga practice after selling my previous business in 1996.  My first introduction to yoga was on a wintry evening in a drafty village hall but the experience of my first yoga class was immediate and profound and I have continued, from the start, to pursue my practice with self-effort and self-examination.

I started practicing yoga in 1996.  In 2002 I studied the Astanga Primary Series with David Williams and began daily personal practice in this form.  I continued to study with various teachers in the UK and at The Sivananda Dhanwanthari Ashram at Neyyar Dam, Kerala, India until deciding to take the Yoga Alliance UK 200 hour Teacher Training Course  with Brian Cooper in 2007.  I now continue with my own personal practice and teach regular general and beginners’ level hatha yoga classes. I continue to learn and broaden and deepen my journey in yoga, studying in the UK and in India.

My strong personal yoga practice is influenced by the flow and discipline of Astanga vinyasa yoga moderated by strong attention to physical discernment; breath awareness and meditative focus, and I guide my students safely and expertly through a flowing, dynamic hatha yoga practice built on the framework of deep focus, physical awareness and the use of the breath.

I have studied with and learned from the following teachers:- Ellen Pierce, David Williams, Yogacharya Venkatesh, Paul Dallaghan, David Swenson, Brian Cooper, Nawajyoti, Michael Gannon, Paul Grilley, Mukunda Stiles, Gary Carter, Marc Woolford, AG & Indra Mohan, Leslie Kaminoff and Nitya Mohan.

Please complete this registration form before attending one of my classes for the first time.   Please also complete this booking form and Covid-19 declaration prior to each individual class you want to book into.  I understand this is a slight inconvenience but it really does make managing attendance at classes and payments so much more manageable.  Thankyou.

Comments from some of Graeme’s yogis:

“Thankyou Graeme for always providing: a calm, safe and supportive environment; challenging postures for both body and mind; such a positive and uplifting experience which continues beyond the class; the opportunity for lasting friendships.” ~ The Colintraive Yoga Group.

“You are an excellent yoga teacher.  I say that as someone who has been practising yoga for a long time, so know a good teacher.” ~ Heather, Argyll.

“Graeme is a fantastic teacher with a high level of experience and expertise.  I always thoroughly enjoy Graeme’s classes as they challenge me in a positive way.  He is very intuitive, catering classes to suit needs and each week he focuses on particular areas of the body, whilst still having a holistic approach.  He has a great teaching style and whilst supporting the class as a group he is very observant offering one to one where required.  This has allowed me to continually develop my practice.” ~ Carole-Ann, Glasgow.

“I always enjoy Graeme’s classes as he provides a good mix of relaxation and deep focussed stretching.  After one of his classes I always feel much stronger and flexible.  As someone who runs regularly, yoga with Graeme is important to my routine to help lengthen and release muscles and avoid injury.” ~ Caren, Argyll.

“Although I had to give up my classes, I will always be thankful for your teachings and words that still stay with me now.” ~ Jackie, Glasgow.

“Graeme’s classes are compassionately challenging: whilst never pushing anyone to do more than they can, he reminds his yogis that they probably have a micro additional stretch available to them, and if they don’t they can imagine they have.  This compassionate challenge has led, for me, to the development of the muscles I need to defend old injuries, and consequently much reduced pain.  Oh, and as welcome additional effects, more stamina and increased flexibilty.” ~ Lesley, Argyll.