With Lucy Weir

Taster Workshop Saturday 15th September

10:30 am – 12:30 pm

at In the Moment

Based on the principles of classical ballet, Floor Barre ® adapts exercises from the barre onto the floor, with the student lying on their back or side. Instructed in a hands-on manner by the teacher, Floor Barre ® promotes the lengthening and strengthening of muscle, increases core strength, corrects alignment and releases tension from the neck, back and joints. It is a gentle yet powerful technique distinctive from Pilates or ‘ballet barre’ exercise classes; through practice of Floor Barre ®, you will feel longer, more toned, and stronger, all the while avoiding any strain on the hips, knees and ankles.

 Accredited by the Zena Rommett Floor Barre ® Foundation, Lucy Weir is the first certified teacher of Floor Barre ® technique in Scotland. First introduced to Floor Barre by master teacher Nina Thilas-Mohs (London), Lucy recently returned from the annual certification seminar in New York City, and looks forward to bringing this effective technique to a wider audience.

 Floor Barre ® is not just for dancers – in fact, it is Lucy’s mission to being Floor Barre to the wider community. Certified by Camille Rommett (the daughter of Floor Barre ®) and trained by master teachers of the technique including Jodi Moccia (New York City) and Charlotte Fürst (Stockholm), Lucy is one of only a handful of accredited Floor Barre ® teachers in theUnited Kingdom.

 For further enquiries, please contact lucy@floorbarreglasgow.co.uk