“Jude seems to “read” your  body, instinctively getting to the real heart of an issue – whether it’s the source of tension, pain, injury or emotion. This has moments of discomfort as she helps you to reveal what your body is telling you -but it feels blissfully liberating…”

People choose to come for a one to one yoga session for all sorts of reasons. Often, they are working with a particular issue like an old injury or a posture that feels inaccesible to them. Often, people come because they recognise they are at a point with their yoga practice where they want to delve a little deeper and have a personalised practice.

The way I work one to one is from the ground up, exploring your relationship to gravity, to the Earth, to your foundation. We explore space, lightness and freedom in the body, slowly unravelling sources of tension to find a practice that is truly personal. I draw on all of my therapeutic training  in yoga, massage, healing, spiritual guidance  and energy work to assist you in  build a deeper, more connected and  more loving relationship with your body as it is – not some future “ideal”. This may be something that is completely different to the practice you follow in group classes. It can also feel challenging as we begin to work more deeply, releasing tension and emotion. What emerges is openess and release.

If you are open to an exploration, and ready for the freedom this will bring to your body,  then this practice is for you.

Cost – £40 – for about an hour and a quarter. I will keep detailed notes as we work and type this up for you into a personalised practice plan.

Contact me to book a session  or call the number at the top of the page.