With Scott Young

Saturday 31st May 2015 at In the Moment

Arrive at 6:15 pm to begin at 6:30 pm

These ceremonies are an opportunity to step back for a few hours and drop into a space of deep, communal relaxation.

I love to offer a space of simplicity, for people to drop into the heart and soul, working with the Cacao medicine to help with this journey.

Cacao, in it’s purest form has been used as a medicine to open the heart consciousness and open us up to inspiration and higher creativity for many centuries in South America, and i’ve been inspired to open up to this over the past few years, so we can work with it, in a modern context.

We will share in a Cacao drink, which is a beautiful blend of high grade Cacao Beans and organic herbs and spices.

We begin with a simple guided meditation and exercises to harmonise as a collective.

We then have a few hours to just lie back and absorb really refined sonics, both from a live acoustic sound healing journey and recorded, sacred ambient soundscapes and sacred chants, out of a really fine quality Hi-Fi soundsystem…. We will end the evening sharing in sacred songs and chants.

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