Hakomi Scotland

Level 1

Foundation Training


Introductory Workshops.

With Trudy Johnson and Diarmid Baillie

Hakomi is a fascinating way of exploring how we experience our world through our conscious and unconscious beliefs and behaviours. It enables us to identify and understand what we actually do, and to gently explore how that might limit us in some way, giving rise to the possibility of greater choices, It is based on our current understanding of neuroscience, and the development of compassionate presence and mindfulness are central to the practice.

Leaflet and application form


The workshops are open to practicing counsellors and therapists as well as those who wish to explore a mindful approach to self understanding or train as a therapist in the Hakomi Method.

Each weekend workshop can also stand alone as an Introductory Workshop for those people who just want a taste of the method.

The four two-day workshops count towards the Hakomi Level 1 Foundation Training. These eight days are a requirement to continue into Levels 2 & 3 of the full training program with Hakomi UK.

The Personhood Series Workshops

1. The Practice of Loving Presence

The focus of this experiential workshop is to learn how to create, sustain and deepen a compassionate state of mind, and to practice this while relating to others and ourselves. We will discover how to look for what is nourishing, rather than what is wrong. We will do this through a series of exercises that encourage this assisted self discovery, based on the Hakomi Method. Participants will develop their capacity for mindful self reflection and deepen their self awareness.

2. Quieting the Mind

In this workshop participants learn how to connect to and sustain a calm, sensitive, present-centred state of mind. We will practice and develop our capacity for Mindfulness, which helps us to calm and regulate our nervous systems enabling us to be more present and compassionate to ourselves and others. We’ll explore our habitual tendencies, beliefs and non conscious habits that disrupt this state of mind. This capacity for mindfulness can inform everyday life as well as our professional work.

3. Nonverbal Expression

Our habitual nonverbal communication expresses who we are, indicates our present moment experience as well as embodying deeply held beliefs about ourselves and how the world works. From a calm, loving state of mind we will do Hakomi experiments to bring these aspects of our experience into awareness. This opens up the possibility of choices we can make and begins to release us from old habits of perception that can cause us unnecessary suffering. This workshop is of benefit to anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of this unspoken communication.

4. Nourishing Communication

We will focus on understanding what can get in the way of us receiving the nourishment that is available in our lives and of finding skillful ways to respond to others who need comfort and reassurance. We will use experiments in mindfulness to explore and deepen our understanding of how our non-conscious habits mean we can be blind to, or not believe, what is available to us. We can learn to receive and offer what is needed by ourselves and others .

Practice of Loving Presence Workshop

Dates: Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th October

Location: Saturday ‘In The Moment’ 72 Berkeley Street, Glasgow. G3 7DS.

Sunday will be at the same location but on the floor below.

Cost: £180 (£160 if paid by 22nd September)

Quieting the Mind Workshop

Dates: Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd December

Location: Saturday ‘In the Moment’ 72 Berkeley Street, Glasgow. G3 7DS.

Sunday will be at the same location but on the floor below.

 Cost: £180 (£160 if paid by 17th November)

Nourishing Communication Workshop

Dates: Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd February 2013

Location: ‘In the Moment’ 72 Berkeley Street, Glasgow. G3 7DS.

Cost: £180 (£160 if paid by 19th January)

Non-Verbal Expression Workshop

Dates: Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th March 2013

Location: ‘In the Moment’ 72 Berkeley Street, Glasgow. G3 7DS.

Cost: £180 (£160 if paid by 2nd March)


£640 if paid by 15th September

 To apply e-mail the application form to diarmidbaillie@gmail.com or please print out and mail to the address on the form.

Please phone or e-mail if you want any further information.